We are making NewSpace a public topic.

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astrdrm Space applications are a fundamental part of mastering the greatest challenges of our time. Be it in dealing with climate change, the mobility of the future or global real-time communication. And because the scope is huge, we are creating synergies. Between the NewSpace industry and other sectors of our economy, as well as between science, politics and society. With everything we do, we bring people together. Because our goal is to highlight the relevance of modern space flight to broader public.
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04.02.23, 15:17

We create visibility, interest and enthusiasm for modern spaceflight.

We inform, inspire and motivate. With updates from the NewSpace, relevant background info and exclusive insights into the industry.

To make space flight an experience for everyone, we are more than just an association. We are experts, enthusiasts and entertainers; content creators, job scouts and workshop professionals. Our mission is to impart knowledge in an entertaining way. Digital, hybrid, on-site.


It's Rocket Science. And so much more!

To generate as much visibility as possible for NewSpace topics, we use a variety of measures. We orchestrate these with a great deal of passion and sensitivity to create a cross-media presence. In doing so, it is our claim and incentive to put the innovative power of an entire industry in the spotlight.


Successful missions are always team efforts.

We have a strong agenda and welcome all forms of support. Our special thanks go to our supporters, with whom we are working together to inspire tomorrow's skilled workers for space flight.