We are making NewSpace a public topic.

The NewSpace Showcase

The NewSpace Showcase

Our mission is to increase awareness among future professionals about the expansive realm of modern space technology. This technology and its applications have become integral aspects of our lives, enabling us to confront the most significant challenges of our time, including climate change, future mobility, and global real-time communication. The privatization of space, known as NewSpace, is a major driving force in this context, advancing rapidly and emerging as a critical economic factor. However, the scarcity of skilled workers will significantly impact the NewSpace industry.


To make space flight an experience for everyone, we are more than just an association. We are experts, enthusiasts and entertainers; content creators, job scouts and workshop professionals. We impart knowledge the entertaining way.

News – independent, ad-free and without paywall
Events – digital, hybrid, on site
Workshops – hands-on, inspiring, motivating


Each of our steps leads towards the future.

Our 2021 Achievements

Launch von astrodrom.com

Launch of astrodrom.com

First version of NewSpace-News website launched

World Space Week-Livestream

World Space Week-Livestream "Frauen in der Raumfahrt" YouTube

together with Rocket Factory Augsburg, BDI and What about it!?


Workshop "Mission Alpha" online

In the midst of the Corona Pandemic, we hold our first space workshop

supported by Morpheus Space, Orbit Recycling

Our 2022 Achievements

Gründung Astrodrom e.V.

Founding of Astrodrom e.V.

On March 24, 2022, registered in the Register of Associations Dresden

IdeenExpo 2022

IdeenExpo 2022 Messe Hannover

Booth at Europe's largest career orientation fair

supported by BHO Legal, Harzner, OHB, Schiffer-soft, Starship 3D, umetec, Vyoma

Space Creator Day 2022

Space Creator Day 2022 Technikmuseum Speyer

Moderation of the largest Meet & Greet of the German-speaking space community

Was wir 2023 erreicht haben

Teilnahme Nutzlastwettbewerb DLR

Participation in DLR payload competition

serving the community with strong industry and research partners

supported by Fraunhofer IWU, Hoffmann Kunststofftechnik + Mechatronik, smart3

Space Creator Day 2023

Space Creator Day 2023 Technikmuseum Speyer

Moderation of the largest Meet & Greet of the German-speaking space community

Verleihung #teamSpace-Award

#teamSpace award ceremony Technikmuseum Speyer

on behalf of #teamSpace to NewSpace companies

Teilnahme am simul+kreativ-Wettbewerb

Teilnahme am simul+kreativ-Wettbewerb Sachsen

mit unserem Konzept für das SummerSpaceCamp

Our agenda for 2024


SummerSpaceCamp Sachsen

Als Preisträger des simul+Kreativ-Wettbewerbes führen wir unser erstes SummerSpaceCamp durch

Space Creator Day 2024

Space Creator Day 2024 Technikmuseum Speyer

Teilnahme am größten Meet & Greet der deutschsprachigen Raumfahrt-Community

Our agenda for 2025 and beyond

Eröffnung erster Ausstellungsflächen

Opening of first exhibition spaces

Astrodrom becomes a physical place that inspires for modern space travel


It's Rocket Science. And so much more!

Escape the everyday, enter the realm of space travel!

In our workshops, we show that learning can be fun - especially when you can put the knowledge into practice. That's why our missions include practical puzzles that are challenging but solvable.

Our goal: to strengthen self-confidence.
Our target audience: children and teenagers from grade 8 onwards.


Successful missions are always team efforts.

We have a strong agenda and welcome all forms of support. Our special thanks go to our supporters, with whom we are working together to inspire tomorrow's skilled workers for space flight.


NewSpace is a matter of mindset. And the future, of course.

In 2015, the United Nations committed to implementing several measures to ensure Earth remains a livable planet by 2030. To achieve the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), many of which are critical to our planet's future, modern space applications are essential. As advocates for #teamSPACE, we believe it is our responsibility to increase awareness and emphasize the social relevance of NewSpace in achieving these goals. We strive to achieve this through cross-media communication that is easy to understand and engaging.


Frequently Asked Astrodrom

  • We are a registered association and are dedicated to public relations, securing skilled workers and recruiting young talent for modern spaceflight.

  • We welcome all space enthusiasts who are committed to our mission. We do not have any specific requirements regarding professional background.

  • We are a registered association in the Dresden Register of Associations. As we have not applied for nonprofit status for various reasons, we are not exempt from value-added tax. That's why it is also applicable to legal members.

  • We offer our workshops all over Germany, provided you give us enough notice. The first step is to submit a no-obligation inquiry for the specific workshop using the form on the workshop details page. We will then discuss the details of the workshop with you and prepare an individual offer. Membership in Astrodrom e.V. is welcome, but not required.


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